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Smoked Salmon Trimmings
Smoked Salmon Trimmings

Smoked Salmon Trimmings


 Why not try our Smoked Salmon Trimmings in Pasta or Salad dishes! To help you decide for a limited time only we are offering 3 packs for just £6! This is an amazing offer saving £7.50 and a great value for money way of enjoying Smoked salmon.

Simply press the 3 x 250g size tab when ordering.

Also we are reducing the price of a single pack from £4.50 – £3.50 for a limited time.

Due to the high specification of our smoked salmon products there are often some slices that don’t make their way into the normal packs. Usually this is because the pieces have broken during the slicing process or because they are simply too small and We think it would be a tragedy to let these pieces of smoked salmon go to waste. They still have fantastic flavour and good texture would be perfect for meals where presentation of a whole slice isn’t required.

We like ours for a Sunday morning breakfast with some scrambled eggs, however they are so versatile you could use them in just about anything from pasta dishes to salads.

All our smoked smoked salmon trimmings come in 250g packs and Organic trimmings are also available.

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