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Breakfast Kippers
Breakfast Kippers

Breakfast Kippers


Tradition at its Finest

A new wave of Kipper Eaters begins

During the preparation of a recent BBQ my wife was aghast when I produced from the fridge several packs of kippers and set about laying them on trivets ready for the big event.  “Kippers?!” she exclaimed, “you can’t serve kippers at a BBQ have you taken leave of your senses!?”  I defended them by informing her that they were not anything like the 0.98p, mechanically cured, covered-with-dye-and-smoked-for-only-a-few-hours you find on sale with the usual suspects.  Oh no, these are not just any kippers these are hand-filleted, specially selected for succulence, gently brined and smoked for 12 hours in the traditional way, an altogether much more appealing prospect.

The kippers went on the BBQ, and were extremely well received by all and now form a regular part of our outdoor dining. Judging by the sales in my local area they have also been adopted by others!

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