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Gravadlax (Dill cured Salmon)
Gravadlax (Dill cured Salmon)Gravadlax (Dill cured Salmon)

Gravadlax (Dill cured Salmon)


Scottish salmon meets an old Scandinavian recipe

In the Scandinavian languages gravadlax, or gravlax, means “buried salmon”. The origins of the word come from an old preparation method where the salmon would be salted and buried in sand and left to ferment.

Fortunately this method of preparation for gravadlax is no longer practiced and Summer Isles Foods cure the salmon in a mixture of brine, dill and spices.

We leave the salmon in the cure for at least four days in order to allow the flavours of the dill and spices to penetrate the flesh of the fish. We then air dry the cured gravadlax sides in our kilns for 25 hours in order to develop the flavour, texture and to add some subtle smokiness.

Gravadlax is usually eaten with rye bread, or boiled potatoes, and a dill and mustard sauce, however it is just as versatile as traditional smoked salmon and has a wonderful sweet and savoury piquancy.

Our gravadlax is available in a variety of pack sizes including whole sliced, or unsliced, sides.

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