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Peat Smoked Salmon
Peat Smoked SalmonPeat Smoked Salmon

Peat Smoked Salmon


A real treat for smoked salmon connoisseurs

The Summer Isles Foods peat smoked salmon is a little different to the rest of our range and is worthy of a place at any dinner table.

You may be familiar with the flavour of peat smoke as it is often used in the production of some of Scotland’s finest whiskies.

Peat can be difficult to work with. Use the wrong type (such as beech or pine peat), or too much, and you could end up with quite an acrid, unpleasant flavour, which some have compared to eating ash.

At Summer Isles we make our peat smoked salmon in our small batch 1950’s Double Maxi kiln to ensure that it is smoked just the right amount. This old kiln has been around the block and is extremely difficult to maintain but we feel, for small batches like this, there is no better piece of equipment to use.

The peat Summer Isles Foods uses is hand picked from ancient oak forests on the West Coast of Scotland which imparts a complex, but mild and rounded flavour to the salmon campared to the likes of birch and pine peat.

We think our peat smoked salmon is a real treat for the smoked salmon connoisseur. It has a refined and mature, but delicate and refined flavour and goes fantastically well with a wedge of lemon and a few slices of rustic bread.

Our peat smoked salmon is available in a variety of pack sizes including whole sliced, or unsliced, sides.

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