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Sweet Cured Smoked Salmon
Sweet Cured Smoked Salmon Sweet Cured Smoked Salmon

Sweet Cured Smoked Salmon


Tradition and experience combine for the ultimate smoked salmon experience

At Summer Isles we believe that doing things right often means doing it slower than normal.

Our sweet cure smoked salmon is our flagship smoked salmon product and we are very proud of it. This isn’t your normal run of the mill smoked salmon!

The care and attention to detail we lavish upon our produce makes it, we think, something a little special.

We source all our salmon from Scotland and fillet it by hand. Salmon is a natural product and each fish has a different texture to begin with. Filleting the sides by hand ensures they aren’t damaged, which can often happen with industrial machinery.

Our smoked salmon has a rich and complex flavour profile which comes from using a gentle brine and a combination of rum, molasses and juniper. Even our cure takes time to produce. The juniper flavouring for the salmon comes from real berries which are cooked to form a thick syrup which is added to the brine along with the molasses, which adds the sweetness, and the rum, which softens the top notes and brings further complexity.

We never agitate the fish in our cure, and we never use artificial injection methods to cure our fish.

The result of this is a fish that holds its texture and has a fish and complex flavour.

After curing the salmon is dried and smoked in our kilns. Again this is a slow and complex process. The smoke is generated from whisky cask chips and the juniper berry matter that was strained off from making the cure. This adds further complexity to the flavour.

The smoked is fed into the kiln from a separate smoking box from the bottom so that it has time to cool before reaching the fish ensuring the fish is only smoking and not cooking. Because this process is done at low temperatures it takes a fair bit of time for the flavours of the smoked to penetrate the flesh of the salmon. Forcing the smoked into the fish can lead to an astringent taste and a lower quality product.

The whole curing and smoking process takes a minimum of 72 hours.

After the fish is smoked we then slice each side by hand. Again hand slicing ensures a consistent texture and quality.

This might sound slow, but we believe that respecting the produce and treating it right leads to a much more flavourful and higher quality product.

Our sweet cured smoked salmon is available in a variety of pack sizes including whole sliced, or unsliced, sides.

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