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Hand Crafted, Artisan Smoked Salmon

Cured Smoked and Matured in the Highlands of Scotland

At Summer Isles Foods we only use the finest Scottish and Irish salmon to make our smoked salmon products. The majority of our smoked salmon comes from Scotland’s West Coast, however our award winning organic range is sourced from Glen Arm in Ireland. We believe that their organic salmon is the best available.

After we have received the salmon it is carefully filleted on site by hand. We know industrial filleting machinery can be faster, but we prefer to fillet our fish by hand. This ensures a consistency that would otherwise be impossible to replicate.

Prior to smoking, we cure all our smoked salmon in a gentle blend of salt, molasses, juniper and rum to impart a rich, complex flavour.

We never use harsh dry salts or artificial injection methods to cure our salmon.

The salmon is cured, smoked and matured for a minimum of 72 hours to make sure the flavour develops slowly and is balanced throughout.

After the flavour has developed we slice the smoked salmon sides. This again, is done by hand.

Hand slicing gives each slice of smoked salmon a texture that compliments the flavour of the curing and smoking process and makes every single mouthful a taste experience.

In our opinion, this is the way all smoked salmon should be. Some may call us old fashioned. We don’t mind. Sometimes the old ways are the best.

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