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Why do we only slice by hand?



In a word – quality! We believe that it’s incorrect to use machine slicers for our very high quality smoked salmon.

Firstly, many modern high technology slicers require the salmon to be “tempered” which is just another word for frozen, before it is sliced.  While smoked salmon freezes very well, it really should only be the final customer who freezes it and not to help it get processed faster. Hand slicing means that once the product is smoked and matured it can be made into fantastic packs of finest Scottish smoked salmon without the need for pre-freezing.SIF4 (3)

Secondly, salmon is an animal and like all animals has differing textures throughout the meat.  Mechanical slicers can’t differentiate between various textures, you simply get a one-size-fits-no-one approach.  With an experienced hand slicer small, almost undetectable alteration to the pressure put on the knife, the angle of the blade and force with which the fillets is held, are made with every stroke.  This ensures each slice is pristine and not simply hacked into 20–30g portions.

If you taste industrially produced smoked salmon next to ours there is just no comparison.  Indeed you will get the mass market stuff for a good deal cheaper than the Summer Isles smoked salmon, but you know you deserve better.

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